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public interface DataIterator

Used to iterate through TabularData objects. The DataIterator allows the code to iterate through any form of TabularData (ResultSets, 2 dimensional arrays, ...) with the same code.

Note the Java Iterator and Enumerators objects move through the data AND can get the next value also. The DataIterator can only move through the data. The TabularData interface has the responsibility of getting the values. DataIterator's are used to loop through all types of data while keeping track of the current index. Iterators and Enum's don't track the current index.

Note iteration starts at 1, not 0. This is even true for data that typically starts at 0 such as 2 dimensional arrays. This allows the abstraction to be the same for all types of TabularData

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Method Summary
 int getCurrentItemNumber()
          Returns the number of the current item.
 boolean next()
          Move to the next item.

Method Detail


public int getCurrentItemNumber()
Returns the number of the current item. For example if we are iterating rows then and the current row was 5 then 5 would be returned. The current item can be 1 or greater


public boolean next()
Move to the next item. It returns false when there was no next item (i.e. it has reached the end)