Class TabularDataFactory


public class TabularDataFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Class used to create all forms of Tabular Data such as 2 dimensional arrays and ResultSets have the same interface. This is an example of the Gang of 4 Facade and Factory design patterns. Developers may also check there own types of TabularData into the factory.

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Constructor Summary
protected TabularDataFactory()
Method Summary
 void addTabularDataFactory(java.lang.Class factoryKey, TabularData factory)
static TabularDataFactory createInstance()
          Create a TabularDataFactory
 TabularData getTabularData(java.lang.Object data)
          Return a TabularData object for the passed in Object.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


protected TabularDataFactory()
Method Detail


public static TabularDataFactory createInstance()
Create a TabularDataFactory


public void addTabularDataFactory(java.lang.Class factoryKey,
                                  TabularData factory)


public TabularData getTabularData(java.lang.Object data)

Return a TabularData object for the passed in Object. If the passed in object type (or one of its ancestors) is not in the factory then a RuntimeException will be returned.

Sample Call:
 TabularData tabData=TabularDataFactory.createInstance().getTabularData(resultSet);