Interface ConditionalComposite

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ConditionalCompositeContainer, ConditionalCompositeImp

public interface ConditionalComposite
extends Conditional

This interface is the starting point for the implementation of the Composite design pattern. The composite will contain other Conditionals (possibly even other ConditionalComposites). For example col1=4 && (col2 like .jsp and col3!=true)

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Method Summary
 void addConditional(Conditional conditional)
          Add another Conditional to the composite.
 void addNot()
          negate the isTrue(...) method
 boolean isTrue(java.lang.Object[] row)
          Returns true if the row passed in should be kept
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Method Detail


public boolean isTrue(java.lang.Object[] row)
Returns true if the row passed in should be kept

Specified by:
isTrue in interface Conditional


public void addConditional(Conditional conditional)
Add another Conditional to the composite. This could be another ConditionalComposite.


public void addNot()
negate the isTrue(...) method